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Buying Knowledge Of Electric Bike

Issuing time:2021-04-28 10:59

1. Choose a brand. Pay attention to choosing a brand with high visibility, and the quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2. Pick a car model. Different models have large differences in safety and performance. It is recommended to purchase a simple and light type.

3. Look at the appearance. Pay attention to the surface smoothness and glossiness, and pay attention to the quality of welding, painting and electroplating.

4. Find a feeling. Carry out a trial ride, feel the vehicle's starting, accelerating, driving is smooth, the vehicle's handling is comfortable, check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, wheel mobility.

5. Check procedures. Check whether the production license, instruction manual, and certificate are valid and complete, and check whether the accessories attached to the vehicle are complete. Pay special attention to whether it is a locally approved model.

6. See the configuration. Are relevant important parts, such as batteries, motors, chargers, controllers, tires, rotary brake levers, etc., branded products? Brushless motors are best.

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