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The company has invested tens of millions of RMB to gradually establish and improve the electric bicycle assembly factory, frame factory, electrical machinery factory and paint factory, etc. .

Shenzhen Spdebikee Technology Co.,ltd Integrates Design, Production, Sales And Services, As One Of The Comprehensive Industrial Companies. The Company Was Founded In 2011 And Is located In Dongguan City Guangdong Province In China, With A Long History And Beautiful Scenery. The Company Has Obvious Advantages In Transportation owing To Its Special Location Which Is At The Fast Speed City And Manufacturering Base. As Years Goes By, More And More Professional Customers They Importing Commodity From China, We ‘ve Been More Thorough On Our Products Design And Production Lines, Workers Management......

A Comprehensive Industrial Company Integrating Design, Production, Sales and Service
According to foreign media reports, Indian auto giant Mahinda plans to enter the world's two major auto markets, the United States and China, and will launch high-end electric vehicles by its Italian
A charger is a device that supplements electric energy to a battery, generally divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage mode. Two-stage charging mode: first constant voltage charging, the
On August 25, 2018, the Certification and Supervision Commission of the General Administration of Market Supervision issued an announcement on the conversion of electric bicycle products from licensin
For the development history of electric bicycles in China, the industry generally agrees on three development stages: the initial stage of electric bicycles, the stage of initial production scale, and
Electric bicycles refer to mechatronic personal vehicles that use batteries as auxiliary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, and install motors, controllers, batteries, handlebars and other cont
Where is the development direction of E-bike industry? How to coordinate the interests among consumers, manufacturers and management departments? Under the new development pattern of "carbon neutraliz

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